Ever woke up on a Sunday lissing koeksisters? Or boeber? Remember the days when you wish you had ice cream that actually heals pain like in the movies? Be it heartbreak or period pains. What about when all you wanted was the perfect chocolate ice cream but oops! You’re lactose intolerant, and you have to watch your friends eat ice cream when you’re just left there, lissing. Or what about hearing the ice cream truck in your neighbourhood, running a mile for it but only to find out that they have vanilla, your favourite, but not quite the vanilla silk you were lissing?

Lis Vegan Cannabis is a CBD infused, vegan ice cream. Possibly the best thing since, well... We’re not quite sure. But we know it is the best thing, because everyone that tastes it is always Lis for more!

We're a Capetonian original, guilt free vegan ice cream, infused with CBD that helps with pain, anxiety, depression, or just merely relaxing. Our flavours tell a story, do you Lis to hear more?